One unique fit

Each of our jeans respects the sane philosophy and has the same cut, unique to our brand, which was developed to create an easy fit and a modern look

One unique denim

Our jeans are crafted in Dubaï with denim made exclusively by Ace Denim. They are selected to provide absolute comfort. The perfect blend of authenticity (natural touch – cotton) and modernity (flexibility of the material – elastane) makes our jeans very comfortable while staying true to what we love about
original DENIM fabric

One unique style

The Ace Denim style can be be summed up in a few words: The art of detail. Attention to detail is ubiquitous, from the fitted cut with contract sewing threads, to the luxurious buttons worked with finesse, to the pop art printed inside the pockets.

The Unique Designers

The founding duo BollandRava, long-time artistic directors for several brands, decided to continue their creative process in 2018 with Ace Denim, offering their vision of high-end Denim pants to the market.

Inseparable during their trip around the world, the magnetic duo is known to transmit all the energy and passion that characterize them to their creations.