Our hydroless technology saves 90% water

In addition to climate change known to have a devastating effect on our planet, the decisions made by fashion manufacturers also have a considerable impact.

Because we are aware that it has become urgent to preserve our environment and that every gesture counts, we are committed to reducing our impact.

Thus, our production cycle is based on eco-responsible techniques in order to create durable and quality clothing while saving 90% water compared to conventional production methods.

We are also striving to recycle 40% of energy in our factory, and to abolish the use of chemicals usually used in the denim industry.

Our Dubai-based garment workshop is equipped with ultra-modern Jeanologia g2 ™ equipment, using hydroless technology, allowing our products to be produced by saving 90% of water compared to the traditional process, thanks to the use of "washing out" laser, thus replacing water and chemicals. This process is therefore environmentally friendly.

Our efforts are monitored by EIM, an international organization that indicates the ecological impact of each pair of pants produced by ACE DENIM PARIS in Dubai.

An ecological note is affixed to our label inside the garment, and each customer can thus know the real impact of the product on the environment and the efforts we make to be as respectful as possible.