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AD 25 - Vintage Blue

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This product aligns with the strong concept of the unique cut. A fitted and elaborate cut to offer a cool and timeless look.

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98% Cotton, 2% EA


U.A.E., JEANOLOGIA G2™ “Hydroless” technology


To make this jeans, we do not use a chemical and water consumption has been reduced by at least 90% compared to conventional manufacturing. 

The "delave/washed" effect of our Denim canvas is obtained thanks to the modern use of the laser, which burns Indigo pigments in the tissue, with the intensity adapted to obtain the desired Denim shade, thus substituting for the massive consumption of water and the use of harmful chemical products for the environment.

Our efforts are controlled by EIM Score International, a company that assesses the impact of each of our Denim pants during their manufacture, and assigns a note below.

jeans homme gris bleu coupe slim stretch
AD 25 - Vintage Blue
AD 25 - Vintage Blue
AD 25 - Vintage Blue
AD 25 - Vintage Blue
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